Rosy Trumpet Tree

Rosy Trumpet Tree
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Rosy Trumpet Tree -A pink dream sending winged hearts with the wind-
Other names: Pink Poui, Pink Tecoma, Apamate

Botanical name: Tabebuia rosea (Bignoniaceae)


When blooming, the Rosy trumpet tree is one of the most wonderful sights in the jungle. It is as if a fantastic, pink cloud has landed on the green ocean.

This pink tree from Tropical America can grow up to 30 m (98 ft) tall and achieve a 90 cm (3 ft) trunk diameter. The valued wood is a beautiful light amber and is used to manufacture expensive furniture. The wood has a resemblance to oak from the Northern Hemisphere, and the Spanish name ďRobleĒ means oak. However, the Rosy trumpet tree is not related to oak, but belongs to the same tree family of another fabulous trumpet tree; Guayacan.


The Rosy trumpet tree blooms between February and March, shedding its leaves for the blooming. The colors of the sensitive, trumpet-like flowers vary from white to bright pink. The tree restores itís bright and light green looks soon after the rainy season starts in April or May. The fruits are green, long and bean pod -like with a length of 20-40 cm (8-16 inch). The fruits turn dark brown when ripe, and contain flat, heart-shaped seeds with tiny wings.


The graceful beauty is a treat for the eyes, but the tree has medical uses as well. Tea made from the leaves and bark is known to have a fever-reducing effect.