Mahogany -Symbol of strength and endurance-

Mahogany -Symbol of strength and endurance-
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Mahogany -Symbol of strength and endurance-
Other names: Big Leaf Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany

Botanical name: Swietenia macrophylla (Meliaceae)


Mahogany is a majestic, beautiful tree that symbolizes strength. Mahogany is said to have strong protective qualities and is known for its ability to withstand even lightening strikes. (Harry Potter’s father had the magic wand made of Mahogany)

Mahogany is known to be a rare and very expensive species of wood that has been used to construct fine furniture for hundreds of years. Mahogany traditionally came from Central and South America where it was first observed in 1595 by a carpenter accompanying Sir Walter Raleigh on his explorations of the “New World”. Mahogany is an endangered tree species.

The handsome Mahogany sometimes reaches over 60 m (197 ft) in height with a trunk almost 3,5 m (11 ft) in diameter. Young Mahogany grows fast; up to 2 m (6.5 ft) per year during the first years. Mahogany can take up to 100 years to mature. The adult tree has a handsome straight trunk with an umbrella shaped crown and can be hundreds of years old. Mahogany sheds its leaves during the dry season. The new leaves grow at the same time as the tree is blooming.


Mahogany’s charming tiny flowers bloom in clusters. The flowers are light green and star shaped. Mahogany blooms and bears fruits from March to September. Mahogany yields its first fruits when it is 15 years old. The fruit is a brown and nutlike 12 cm (5 inch) long capsule. The fruit seems to grow towards the sky and it is widely known as a sky fruit. The capsules have wing like seeds inside. When mature the fruit opens and forms a decorative wooden flower.


In addition to being a precious wood the mahogany is a very helpful remedy in nature’s pharmacy. The tea made of bark and seeds reduces fever and heals diarrhea. The tea made of seeds has also traditionally been used for toothache and chest pains. The natural remedy made of Mahogany’s fruit is an energy drink and is said to improve blood circulation and to lower the level of high cholesterol. This remedy is also said to have qualities that improve men’s sexual vitality.